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Solve key compliance challenges

As greater emphasis is placed on complying with industry and government regulations, securing data as it passes through personal computer systems is crucial to satisfy auditors and protect systems against data loss and reputational damage.

  • Challenges with admin access

    The use of local administrator accounts increases the risk of data loss, unauthorized access, and malware infection.
  • Challenges with applications

    By installing applications that are not approved by the business, the risk of software vulnerabilities is increased.
  • Challenges with internet activity

    Employees browsing websites carrying hidden threats or opening untrusted documents are direct targets for attackers.

Making over 8 million endpoints secure and compliant

HITRUST helps healthcare organizations protect sensitive patient data

Developed by IT and healthcare professionals, the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance covers 30 major information security standards, regulations, and frameworks. If your healthcare organization creates, accesses, stores, or exchanges sensitive or regulated data, Avecto can help you meet requirements such as HIPAA, COBIT, ISO 27001/2, NIST, PCI, and several others.

Financial services companies that do business in New York are subject to NYDFS

Achieving compliance with regulatory policies is paramount, especially if your company deals with financial services in the state of New York. Avecto can help you develop and maintain a cybersecurity program that meets access privileges and application security requirements under the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) mandate.

GDPR goes into effect in May of 2018 and carries stiff penalties

Any company that collects data about European citizens - regardless of the company's location - is subject to GDPR rules. With fines of up to 4% of yearly worldwide turnover, it's important to make sure your organization stays compliant. Avecto can help you meet GDPR requirements with quick deployment and minimal impact on users.

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Department of Defense contractors and subcontractors are subject to DFARS

This US government legislation intends to safeguard "controlled unclassified information" (CUI) against growing cyber security threats, requiring affected organizations to adequately protect their processes, systems and contracts. Avecto can work with you to help you achieve Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliance and strike the right balance between security and usability.

Key capabilities of Defendpoint

Avecto Defendpoint combines best-in-class privilege management and application control, making admin rights removal simple and scalable across desktops and servers to ensure compliance, security, and efficiency.

  • The best time-to-value on the market

    Unlike traditional privilege management products that can take months to properly configure, Avecto Defendpoint’s innovative Quick Start policy gets you up and running in mere hours. No other product can offer this level of convenience, flexibility, and speed during deployment.

  • The first stop in a best-practice security strategy

    Security experts agree that removing local admin rights and whitelisting safe applications help ensure security best practices. Avecto Defendpoint elevates applications securely and flexibly while offering the most comprehensive set of exception handling features on the market.

  • Friendly to end users and IT staff alike

    Avecto Defendpoint is powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding IT teams. Users are both empowered to work without being slowed down and protected from today’s nastiest threats, all while exponentially reducing helpdesk support calls.

  • Seamlessly grows as business grows

    Avecto Defendpoint starts simple and stays simple whether managing one user or a million users. Unlimited workstyles adhere to the business and security requirements of each department, elegantly scaling regardless of enterprise size or complexity.

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