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Meet the mandate

Many security and risk policies call for security best practices, including admin rights removal (least privilege), malware prevention and audited use of applications.

Introducing simple security foundations to protect the operating system, while making sure all users can work effectively will raise the security bar. In turn, you'll demonstrate compliance with many policies governing legal, finance and public sector firms including PCI DSS, HIPAA, UK PSN, USGCB, SOX and MAS.

It is possible for even sysadmins in the data center to be secure and compliant, without restricting productivity or hindering access to important tasks, scripts and applications.

  • 0 % have adopted a security framework PwC 2016
  • 0 % UK businesses have completed the Government’s 10 Steps to cyber security 2016
  • 0 is the average number of annual security incidents per company IBM 2015

Get compliant with Defendpoint

Security best practice is more than just ticking the compliance box. We'll work with you to define requirements and implement security measures that are effective from day one - and all without compromising on user productivity.

Defendpoint allows you to follow industry best practices by taking a proactive approach to stop cyber attacks and insider threats. Comprehensive reports and dashboards provide the information you need at your fingertips to monitor risk and make intelligent decisions, powered by visibility of user behavior.

Learn about Defendpoint’s capabilities

Featured whitepaper

Achieving compliance with Defendpoint

This paper provides an overview of the key compliance mandates you can meet by implementing simple and smart technology on the endpoint:

  • Improve security from day one with simple implementation
  • Read the high level summaries of major mandates and how to meet them
  • Practical advice for balancing security and usability
  • Learn how least privilege, whitelisting and isolation stop internal and external threats
Download the whitepaper