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Case Studies

A secure future for Seyfarth Shaw

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Customer story

  • Too many users with admin rights
  • Needed to meet compliance and client security requirements
  • Sought a simple, clean and effective solution for removing admin rights
  • Avecto Defendpoint software rolled out using Quick Start configuration
  • All users now secure, compliant and productive

About Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Seyfarth Shaw LLP is an international law firm with offices in 14 cities across the globe. With a team of more than 2,000, including 900 attorneys, Seyfarth Shaw is recognized as one of America’s leading and most innovative law firms.

Seyfarth Shaw's journey

When Seyfarth Shaw rolled out Windows 7 in 2012, it had limited control and visibility of admin rights. Despite introducing anti-virus software and group policy settings, against a backdrop of increased cyber threats and increased client scrutiny, the firm was concerned about security risk.

Seyfarth needed a solution to easily eliminate admin rights that bridged the gap between flexibility and security, to mitigate security challenges without disrupting users.

Jim Nixon, Application Support Manager at Seyfarth Shaw explains:

"Today's threat landscape has changed dramatically; each new day seems to bring a host of new attacks. Our clients audit us on a regular basis, not only on our security posture, but even the vendors we work with. We urgently needed to find a way to bridge this culture of access and availability to one of security and productivity.

"We wanted a solution that was simple and clean, and quick to implement so that we could realize the benefits quickly. We were looking for software that wasn't over architected, and where permission management was the dominant feature. Some of the bigger players have this "we do that, too" mentality and that wasn't what we wanted. We needed to lean on specialists with a proven history of success in similar organizations."