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for servers

Defendpoint offers true, automated least-privilege management, empowering server administrators to work powerfully and flexibly from the safety of standard user accounts. It limits misconfiguration, eliminates overprivileged access, prevents insider attacks, and provides better visibility than traditional session recording.

Technical benefits of Defendpoint for Servers

Defendpoint for Server offers endpoint privilege management that achieves proactive prevention, greater visibility, and consistency.

  • Overnight setup: the best time-to-value on the market

    We’ve leveraged thousands of deployment scenarios to create out-of-the-box job roles that greatly reduces least privilege implementation from months to mere hours. No other product can offer this level of convenience, flexibility, and speed during deployment.

  • Proactive prevention: more than just auditing and vaulting

    While traditional vaulting doesn’t reduce the attack surface, Defendpoint achieves true least privilege by enabling administrators to work powerfully and flexibly from the safety of standard user accounts. It limits misconfiguration, eliminates overprivileged access, and prevents attacks.

  • Greater visibility: more than just screen-shot recordings

    Malicious activity, whether thanks to malware, or insider threats, can be identified easily, blocked, and logged. Integrated auditing and reporting tools provide visibility of privileged user activity that was blocked and allowed, while traditional session recording is expensive, resource-intensive, and may not reveal the details necessary to detect an attack.

  • Consistent approach: streamlined across desktops and servers

    Defendpoint is the ultimate endpoint privilege management solution for both desktops and servers, protecting your entire estate with an easy to use console and familiar, powerful reporting. Thanks to the unique Quick Start policy, you can get started overnight on desktops and servers with minimal additional effort.

  • Reduced risk: protect high-value data from downtime and attack

    Servers are high-value assets that require constant uptime and often house sensitive data. Defendpoint helps address potential misuse, access by third-party contractors, outsourced help, junior admins, insider threats, and workarounds by tech-savvy admins.

  • Compliance: least privilege is required for many mandates

    Implementation of a least privilege environment in the data center is essential to address the constantly moving target of compliance. And traditional vaulting solutions are being questioned by regulators, many of whom now advocate for more granular controls.

Why Defendpoint?

Defendpoint protects against the biggest area of attack, protecting corporate IP by removing local admin rights and the most dangerous sysadmin privileges. We advocate the removal of admin rights from all users, before layering on your PASM vaulting technology.

Compliance mandates aren’t always easy to meet. We’ll help you get on track.

Defendpoint meets least privilege and identity access management guidelines by removing user / admin privileges and whitelisting trusted applications across all endpoints - even in the data center - while trend reporting and analysis demonstrates compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI, DSS, NIST, HIPPA and many more.

Learn more about meeting compliance

Don't leave cyber security to chance

Deter insider attacks by giving access to only to the applications, tasks, and scripts users need. And prevent external attacks that rely on trusted applications and elevated privileges to execute malware and move laterally across your network.

Free your users from security barricades

The turn-key Quick Start policy makes automated privilege access achievable overnight. Users operate from the safety of standard user accounts while enjoying the flexibility of admin accounts - all without IT frustration. The single lightweight agent makes deployment and maintenance simple.

Ready to learn more?

Eliminating privileges is one of the most essential risk mitigation strategies for any organization. Learn what makes Avecto a leader Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management and how Defendpoint helps organizations achieve secure and compliant endpoints.