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for Mac

With Defendpoint for Mac, users can run admin tasks and privileged applications without the need for an admin account. With support for drag-and-drop installations and Sudo control, users have the freedom and flexibility to work efficiently and safely in a least privilege environment.

Technical benefits of Defendpoint for Mac

Defendpoint for Mac helps you achieve least privilege, empower users, and unlock privileged activity. Avecto also allows for management of mixed Mac and Windows endpoint security through a single, unified experience - saving you time and effort.

  • Secure: the first stop in a best-practice strategy

    Experts agree that removing local admin rights and whitelisting safe apps are pivotal first steps to ensure security best practices. With more than two dozen validation criteria, Defendpoint elevates Mac applications securely and flexibly while offering the most comprehensive exception handling on the market.

  • Frictionless: friendly to end users and IT staff alike

    Our best-in-class privilege management and application control is powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding IT teams using Mac. Users are both empowered to work without being slowed down and protected from today’s nastiest threats, all while exponentially reducing helpdesk calls.

  • Scalable: seamlessly grows as business grows

    Despite offering unmatched functionality, Defendpoint starts simple and stays simple. Policy rules are flexible enough to meet the most complex business and security requirements while remaining easy to understand how they will affect outcomes for any user in any role.

  • Powerful: achieve least privilege for Mac

    While most Mac users typically use admin accounts, Defendpoint allows you to remove admin rights while still giving users the flexibility they need to do their jobs. Assign privileges to the applications, tasks, and scripts required rather than to the individual.

  • Customizable: messaging tailored to your organization

    Working seamlessly with macOS, Defendpoint for Mac suppresses standard, restrictive messages and allows you to create your own customized authorization prompts to handle exceptions and enable users to request access.

  • Advanced: Sudo control for command line tasks

    Empower advanced Mac users who need Sudo to perform privileged command line tasks. Whitelist or blacklist the use of the Sudo command line or in scripts to prevent misuse and audit all use of Sudo to see who is using it and what they are doing with it.

  • Compliance: least privilege is required for many mandates

    Implementation of a least privilege environment with endpoints is essential to address the constantly moving target of compliance. Eliminating admin rights reduces risk and simplifies your approach to compliance.

Why Defendpoint?

Defendpoint protects against the biggest area of attack, protecting corporate IP by removing local admin rights and the most dangerous sysadmin privileges. We advocate the removal of admin rights from all users, before layering on your PASM vaulting technology.

Compliance mandates aren’t always easy to meet. We’ll help you get on track.

Defendpoint meets least privilege and identity access management guidelines by removing user / admin privileges and whitelisting trusted applications across all endpoints - even in the data center - while trend reporting and analysis demonstrates compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI, DSS, NIST, HIPPA and many more.

Learn more about meeting compliance

Don't leave cyber security to chance

Deter insider attacks by giving access to only to the applications, tasks, and scripts users need. And prevent external attacks that rely on trusted applications and elevated privileges to execute malware and move laterally across your network.

Free your users from security barricades

The turn-key Quick Start policy makes automated privilege access achievable overnight. Users operate from the safety of standard user accounts while enjoying the flexibility of admin accounts - all without IT frustration. The single lightweight agent makes deployment and maintenance simple.

Ready to learn more?

Eliminating privileges is one of the most essential risk mitigation strategies for any organization. Learn what makes Avecto a leader Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management and how Defendpoint helps organizations achieve secure and compliant endpoints.